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"... During the preparing of NSL-IR operation, we drafted related archiving policies, guidebooks, and other mechanisms, which can be divided into 3 levels. Firstly, it is the basic principles and archiving policy. NSL adopted the mandate policy, which mandates the NSL members to archive the article to the NSL-IR 1 month after the article was published. The articles submitted by the NSL members will be one of the main evidences and references for the members’ final year performance evaluation, which impacts on the salaries and other treatments of the faculties and staffs. The archiving policy also stipulates the dissemination principles and the mission of NSL-IR. Secondly, it is the related addendums. We drafted series of addendums, including Copyright License Addendums, Conference achievements hosted by NSL Archiving License, Journals hosted by NSL Archiving License. For the CAS institutes whose articles published in foreign journals, we also translated and edited the RoMEO Guidebook to introduce the foreign publishers’ copyright licenses to CAS scientists. Thirdly, it is operational guidebooks, including the procedure of IR operation and IR system handbook. We provide the detailed documents of the IR operation procedure to the institute libraries, which are the IR operational department in the CAS institutes. Also, we edit many kinds of system handbook, for the users, administrators, and policy maker, with both the simple version and the detailed version. ..."



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