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"Objections to Plan S have come in many shapes and forms. An often cited argument are the limitations on “academic freedom” ignoring the limits that currently already exists (financial / ethical or institutional). Others have argued that the possibility of re-use could discredit their work, while happily retweeting with statements that say “RT is not an endorsement”. The irony is lost on them. Many cite the financial burden being shifted to authors, which would discriminate the global South. Yet, this argument ignores the fact that the global South currently has to rely on illegal (criminal) actions to access the literature. Some argued that they have kids to feed and no tenure yet, so this whole open access thing will have to wait. This ignores the fact that others might equally well have kids to feed and currently don’t have access to literature, data, or worse medical advice, required to maintain a stable research position. Commonly PIs also co-opt students and post-docs, citing concern about promotion. However, in many of these discussions the concerns raised are not community concerns, or only veiled as such....."


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