No author left behind:  Getting authors published who cannot afford article processing charges

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  • Current proposals for accelerating a transition to full open access for all scholarly articles focus primarily on readers who cannot obtain paywalled articles that require a subscription or privileges at a library with subscriptions.
  • Much less attention to the many prospective authors who cannot pay article processing charges (APCs), but who fall outside a narrow range of eligibility for APC waivers and discounts....
  • For a short while, it is also possible to provide feedback concerning implementation of an ambitious Plan S to encourage and require publication in open access journals. Read on and provide feedback while you can, but hurry.
  • In the absence of corrective action, a group of funding agencies is about to strengthen a model of open access publishing in which the costs of publishing are shifted to authors, most of whom are not receiving or applying for grants. Yet, they will effectively be excluded from publishing in quality of open access journals unless some compensatory mechanism is introduced...."


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