A publisher publishes an article. At what price? Experience with the offsetting deals in the Netherlands.

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"For these four largest publishers, together covering over 40% of the Dutch article production, the price paid via the offsetting deals is within the amount assessed by the Max Planck Society, i.e. from € 3800 to € 50005 . The statement in their study that the transition to open access can be paid from existing library budgets seems correct, at least if publishers will not calculate higher prices in other countries. That is unknown. There are not many offsetting deals outside the Netherlands and, in so far they are, they are secret....The foregoing is a powerful plea to continue with the offsetting deals (even though the negotiations between Elsevier and Germany/Austria/Finland are unfriendly because of the publisher’s exorbitant pricing scheme). Conditions are (1) that these deals are disclosed and (2) that the academic world is prepared for a no-deal. (In The Netherlands the bad deal with Elsevier had to be accepted because the institutions were not prepared for a no-deal.) Only thus, competition between publishers is under way...."




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