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"In many instances, no attention is paid to the relation between the research practice and the tangible impact emanating from it. Instead, there is an overwhelming focus in the academic literature and policy on measurable artifacts, such as number of patents, licenses, royalties or social media uptake. The use of the term impact echoes a long tradition of evaluating the (‘positive’) outcomes of science and technology solely in quantitative and mechanical terms.

ReAct takes an alternative approach, which is characterized by re-assessing the research practice as embedded in a social context and directed towards a number of societal ends and towards solving societal challenges. This leads to a call for a responsible impact assessment framework, which cannot be justified on purely quantitative terms but combines qualitative judgment and participatory contributions with annotated data....

Responsible Impact builds on an inclusive notion of impact, including policy impact, cultural impact, economic impact, technological impact, health impact, impact on teaching and training, social impact, public impact (including impact on public services and public discourse) leading to a multi-dimensional and multi-scalable notion of the broader value of research in society...."



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