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From Google's English: "The law on Open Access to scientific publications was approved on Wednesday, March 13 in first reading in the House. Commission President Luigi Gallo's proposal passed in plenary with 272 votes in favor and 185 abstentions and a vote against, after a rapid journey in the Culture Commission, which accepted various contributions and modifications. Now it will go to the Senate....

The law modifies the copyright and allows the authors of research - scientific and otherwise - the right to publish, after six months from the first publication for a fee, the results of their work for free to ensure open access for all. The right to republish will be applied to those researches that are funded entirely or partially with public funds. The author will remain the owner of this right even if he exclusively assigned the rights of economic use of his work to the publisher or editor....

The approval in the first reading of the Gallo law follows by a few months the announcement of the European Union that last September launched the Plan S which provides that from 2020 the scientific publications financed by public funds must be published in journals or platforms of Open Access."



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