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From Google's English: "One of the main challenges of the research activity is related to the dissemination of the results obtained. For a few years now, special emphasis has been placed on promoting universal access to knowledge "by positioning in favor of policies of open access to scientific information", using the expression of Law 14/2011, of June 1, of Science, Technology and Innovation . In this regard, the legislator incorporated a novelty without doubt of great relevance with regard to the open access of the contents that were to be disseminated in research publications, particularly when the activity had been financed by the state public budgets....

For its part, the European Union has progressively promoted the opening of data in the projects financed under the H2020. In this sense, the obligation to present a management plan has been extended in 2017 . In addition, the 2018-2020 Work Program has specified the reasons that would allow participants to be exempted from the general obligation to open data . In this sense, more precise information of a practical nature has been incorporated in the official instructions given to the applicants and beneficiaries of the projects , thus facilitating compliance with this obligation and, above all, respect for the different legal rights. potentially in conflict

Even if such measures are limited to formalized projects and financed by a specific program, it is undoubtedly a benchmark whose possible projection in Spain should be addressed with some urgency. In short, it is about assessing the path followed so far and, above all, identifying the pending challenges , thus updating previous contributions , undoubtedly already overflowed by the novel approaches that are being promoted by the European Union. Certainly suggestive initiatives have already been launched from the point of view of academic reflection, but it seems that the time has come to take action and, in particular, to incorporate an authentic obligation in future calls for the financing of research projects. And, why not, to consider even a regulatory reform, although in this case it would be convenient to wait until the European Union took this step to avoid undesirable state fragmentation in the regulatory framework...."



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