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"This Editorial will summarize some of the recent tendencies of publication explored in a recent Wiley Society Newsletter on the open access movement: . As it turns out, in a recent survey about Society Publications, Wiley determined that no‐cost or open access to Society content is the top desire for most researchers. They also found that making journal articles more accessible to nonacademic audiences, greater transparency around peer review, and improving how we measure the impact of research are also highly important.‐engagement/members‐say‐open‐data‐is‐more‐important‐now‐than‐it‐was‐12‐months‐ago?elq_mid=48002&elq_cid=12309687&utm_campaign=30355&utm_source=eloquaEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Email%206‐RC‐SOCM‐MS‐XX‐Global‐W26M4‐October%20Newsletter.

While three‐quarters of members are mostly satisfied with the access to society content that they personally receive as members, only a little more than half are happy with their society’s engagement with open access publishing...."


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