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From Google's English:  "Open Access (OA) removes the cost barrier as a free OA and the “permission barrier” as a Libre OA. It is time to give some serious thought to the language barrier as well. ...

With the only true OA license CC-BY, it is possible under copyright law to produce translations (or extensive abstracts) without the consent of the publisher or author. This license not only makes it possible to translate medical expertise into the languages ​​of the third world, but also to make remote, minority-language publications accessible in a world language.

OA articles should also be provided as HTML versions, as the possibilities of machine translation are better.

Of course, there is nothing against starting with small steps (translating metadata - title, abstract - into English), but OA would lose the opportunities to do so. For full text retrieval, usable working versions in English are not only indispensable for important or significant work....

Both OA and free projects can be infinitely helpful in trying to soften the language barrier of science, provided that the problem is finally perceived as serious."



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