Multiple Sclerosis Society Public Access to Research Policy for Award Recipients

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Undated but announced in January 2013. 

"3. Open/Public Access Author Requirements 3.1. It is a condition of grant award that peer reviewed research papers resulting from research funded, in whole or in part, by the MS Society are published in an Open Access environment and made available through Europe PMC. 3.2. Such papers must become Open Access as soon as possible following publication, and in all cases within 6 months of the publication date. 3.3. Where authors are required to pay an open access fee, the MS Society regretfully cannot cover these costs. 4. Compliance 4.1. An author can comply with the requirement that MS Society-funded research is made freely accessible via Europe PMC/PMC in two ways: 4.1.1. publishing in a journal that automatically deposits all final published articles in PubMed Central without author involvement. Articles will either be made available as open access on date of publication or after an embargo period. An expectable embargo period being 6 months. 4.1.2. depositing a copy of the final, peer reviewed manuscript in Europe PMC. In cases where a manuscript is deposited, the paper must be made freely available as soon as possible or within 6 months of the publication data. An author manuscript submission system is available on the Europe PMC website for researchers to self-archive papers. 4.2. In order to self-archive authors must ensure certain rights are reserved in any agreement with the publisher. Specifically, authors will need the right to deposit peer-reviewed manuscripts in Europe PMC immediately upon its acceptance for publication and to make it publicly available within 6 months after publication...."



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