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"The following published Research Outputs must be made openly available by deposit to UNSWorks: • peer-reviewed journal articles • peer-reviewed conference papers that meet the definition of research • research reports commissioned by an external body that meet the definition of research • Higher Degree Research theses submitted via the Graduate Research School (refer to the UNSW Thesis Examination Procedure)....

Where applicable, the Version of Record or Author Accepted Manuscript should be deposited to UNSWorks. Research Outputs which are deposited to UNSWorks will not be altered except as permitted under the terms of the UNSWorks deposit licence or as required by law...

As per the UNSW Intellectual Property Policy, the University asserts legal and beneficial ownership over Research Outputs created by academic, professional, technical or administrative Staff and Affiliates. The University asserts a non-exclusive licence to Research Outputs including books and journal articles, for the University’s teaching and research purposes. Consequently, for all outputs that fall within the scope of the UNSW Intellectual Property policy, UNSW researchers must retain all necessary rights to enable them to publish and share their publications in any format at any time and may not grant an exclusive copyright license in the Research Output to any other person or organisation. For each published Research Output produced in whole or part by UNSW researchers, at least one of the Version of Record or Author Accepted Manuscript versions must be licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY licence.... 

If a UNSW researcher is submitting a manuscript to a journal that does not yet by default allow the author to make the Version of Record immediately openly accessible with a CC-BY licence the researcher must either: 1. At the time of submitting the manuscript, inform the journal of the rights retained in the Author Accepted Manuscript (for example, by outlining this in the manuscript or cover letter): 2. Or, if this is not possible at the time of submission, amend the publishing agreement. In either instance, researchers may use the following text to retain their rights: “This research was produced in whole or part by UNSW Sydney researchers and is subject to the UNSW Intellectual property policy. For the purposes of Open Access, the author has applied a Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY licence to any Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) version arising from this submission”. ..." 



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