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"I joined OASPA in the summer of 2022. Considering the point of representation, and the need to reflect a greater diversity of viewpoints, particularly from those outside of Europe, I’ve been gathering non-European perspectives on the ‘OA market’ work done so far.  I had email conversations and in-person conversations via Zoom with 15 individuals. All participants were asked to review the work completed by OASPA in 2021 (as documented in the issue brief and reflections). Feedback was specifically sought about the ‘OA market’ and the three areas of focus outlined above.... 1. Publishing can be a cost rather than a revenue/profit source... 2. Wide access is being achieved in ways that are not always recognized... 3. APCs and OA are (not?) the same... 4. How can libraries focus on content acquisition and (OA) publishing?... 5. Pricing is a huge problem... 6. “Brain drain” and (Western) market gain... 7. Equity first for better health and diversity..."  


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