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"The COAR Notify Team is compiling a COAR Notify Developers’ Handbook, and an early iteration is now available online. The Handbook is intended to support the growing community of developers considering or actively implementing the COAR Notify protocol. It offers guidance on implementing the COAR Notify Protocol at a technical level. It may also be of interest to others, as it provides a better understanding of how the protocol can be properly used by different platforms and services. The Handbook is an active resource that will continue to evolve over time, as new knowledge is gained working with implementing partners. The COAR Notify team welcomes your feedback about any material in the handbook. The Handbook joins a growing knowledge base about COAR Notify, including the COAR Notify Protocol website, and the Notify web pages on the COAR website. All knowledge resources produced through the initiative will be made openly available to support our aim of widespread adoption of COAR Notify in platforms and services around the world...."


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