"Zayed University Library, Open Access and the Place of the University " by Lekoko Kenosi

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Abstract:  Zayed University Library, like most academic libraries the world over, subscribes to the principle of open access to knowledge. Open access works to removes barriers to information, advocates unrestricted use of electronic resources, and strives to facilitate readers with readily available information. This approach plays a critical role in supporting universities’ core mission of teaching, faculty and student research, and community outreach engagements. Similarly, the Archives, like its library counterpart, is home to a rich array of information capable of supporting teaching, research and community outreach initiatives. However, due to the confidential nature of materials in the archives, many archival repositories do not champion unfettered access to their content. This paper will deliberate on conditions governing access to archival content by reviewing provisions of the UAE Federal Law No 7 of 2008 on the National Archives, the UAE Federal law No 13 of 2021 amending some provisions of the Federal Law No 7 of 2008, and international best practice standards, rules and regulations spelling out the place of the archives in an academic library set-up.  



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