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From Google's English:  "Finally, in 2023, the Federal Constitutional Court wants to decide in the dispute over the right of secondary publication. The core question is whether scientists can be required to publish their articles freely accessible a second time after twelve months. What makes the regulation so offensive that law professors complained about it? ...

In the open letter, the new statutes are described as "legally encroaching", as a "violation of the fundamental right to academic freedom" and as "a violation of the guarantee of intellectual property". Although one is “not against the idea of ​​open access itself”, as the letter says literally, “but against the path taken by the university of converting the possibility of secondary publication into a compulsory instrument that is discredited in this way.” The new The regulation is therefore unanimously ignored by the professors of the law faculty. They would not republish their publications in the Open Access repository of the University of Konstanz...."



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