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"In this universe of possibilities, in which movements and practices open windows on learning for everyone, we can recognize the lights of different stakeholders and areas of expertise. If we look at it from the perspective of an infinite universe, we find the lights of those who make it possible to open up knowledge. Of course, we find the researchers who are seeking to generate knowledge, as well as the directors who are paving the way to support them on their quest. Also in this constellation are the teachers and communities who help provide everyone with cross-cutting education for collaboration and ethics in science. There are key stakeholders whose technological, digital, and legal wisdom makes it possible to open these windows of knowledge for everyone, such as computer experts, engineers, librarians, editors, financiers, public officials, decision-makers, and society as a whole. 

These movements, practices, knowledge, and assorted stakeholders call us to the big challenge of constructing a “culture of open science” together. A culture that requires the ability to open up learning to everyone, ideas that help us scale the infinite heights provided by sharing knowledge freely, recognizing these attitudes through our shared efforts. The culture of open science will lead us to broaden that universe of possibilities, that magic carpet ride toward the solutions our society needs, toward that endless space in the universe where the lights allow us to create and grow together."


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