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"Incentivizing Collaborative and Open Research (ICOR) is a community initiative conducting research on collaboration and open scholarship, partnering with real world projects and implementations as they operate. ICOR has also begun to build a library of projects, evidence, and best practices (described here) that challenge the status quo of closed research by offering practical, real-life solutions. We seek to bring together individuals who share these goals to make connections, help implement, share results, and present to funders and research organizations a unified approach to problem solving.

The focus of our inaugural public meeting on May 17th was to introduce the need for evidence that open scholarship, and its enabling tools and processes, can lead to faster, more reproducible and innovative outcomes. Invited speakers and a diverse audience of 90 funders, practitioners, academic leaders, librarians and policy makers engaged in a lively discussion about strategies, projects, and resources that will contribute evidence and best practices...."


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