Zenodo launched on next generation platform - InvenioRDM

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"CERN, OpenAIRE, and the InvenioRDM open source community are excited to announce that Zenodo has moved onto our next generation underlying technical platform, InvenioRDM!

Over the past year, we've been working intensely on preparing to move Zenodo on top of a refreshed underlying technical platform, InvenioRDM. Zenodo's simple user experience and high scalability stay the same, but the underlying engine has been substantially upgraded. In addition InvenioRDM comes with a suite of new features and improvements that have been high on many of our users' wishlist.

What's new?

We've significantly expanded Zenodo's collaborative features in many different areas:

  • Communities: Our community feature has been upgraded with support for multiple curators, members, reviews, curation, and branding, so e.g. multiple curators can now edit records in their community.
  • Sharing: You can now share records for confidential peer review, enable access requests, or simply create a preview link for your colleagues.
  • Deposit: Our upload form has received many usability improvements, e.g. being able to select the file which should be previewed by default. In addition we've strengthened it through connections to the open science PID infrsatructure, e.g. you can now auto-complete creators from ORCiD and affiliations from ROR, and link to custom funders/awards.
  • Extras: We've also made significant improvements to web accessibility, enabled institutional login via the OpenAIRE AAI, improved usability, and added a download all button for files among other things...."



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