Ouvrir la Science - International workshop “Software, Pillar of Open Science”

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"Software has now become essential in all areas of scientific research, both as a research tool, as a research product and as a research object. In the quest to make research results reproducible, and pass knowledge to future generations, we must preserve these three main pillars: research articles that describe the results, the data sets used or produced, and the software source code that embodies the logic of the data transformation. The preservation of software source code is as essential as preserving research articles and data sets.

The main aim of this in-person half-day event, organized by the Committee for Open Science, is to bring together high-level stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds, including founders, research evaluation bodies, infrastructures and academic Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs), researchers, software research engineers, to share their experiences and views on research software.

The workshop will feature 3 panel sessions in which speakers will focus on major dimensions of relevance to software in Open Science:

  • Recognize and support the dissemination of software
  • Software as a key pillar for reproducible research
  • Highlight the social impact of software..."



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