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Abstract:  There is growing evidence that comprehensive and harmonized metadata are fundamental for effective public data reusability. However, it is often challenging to extract accurate metadata from public repositories. Of particular concern is the metagenomic data related to African individuals, which often omit important information about the particular features of these populations. As part of a collaborative consortium, H3ABioNet, we created a web portal, namely the African Human Microbiome Portal (AHMP), exclusively dedicated to metadata related to African human microbiome samples. Metadata were collected from various public repositories prior to cleaning, curation and harmonization according to a pre-established guideline and using ontology terms. These metadata sets can be accessed at This web portal is open access and offers an interactive visualization of 14 889 records from 70 bioprojects associated with 72 peer reviewed research articles. It also offers the ability to download harmonized metadata according to the user’s applied filters. The AHMP thereby supports metadata search and retrieve operations, facilitating, thus, access to relevant studies linked to the African Human microbiome.


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