The National Library of Sweden makes strategic decision to implement a new Library Service Platform

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"The National Library of Sweden will implement two free and open library software solutions: the Library Service Platform FOLIO and discovery solution VuFind, both open-source software.

FOLIO is an open platform used by libraries around the world. Its modular approach and modern architecture gives ample support for integration and the flexibility needed to manage workflows at the National Library of Sweden. VuFind is an established product with good functionality, providing adaptability and integration support. The National Library of Sweden will soon be tendering support, development and implementation services for these two systems.

The new software is expected to support current and future needs at The National Library of Sweden, and additionally meet rapidly increasing expectation from both staff and end users on improved workflows, modern and adaptable interfaces, simple system administration and modernised metadata management. Implementation of the new system will take place in 2025...."


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