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From Google's English:  "The state initiative has appointed Dr. Sarah Kritzler, data scientist at the Duisburg-Essen University Library , was invited to familiarize participants with the open and non-commercial publication and citation database OpenAlex . The scientific catalog recently replaced the use of the Web of Science at the Sorbonne Université (Paris) and thereby gained (media) attention in 2023. The Open Access Monitor (OAM) also re - integrated the database at the beginning of 2024 . OpenAlex was developed by the non-profit organization OurResearch , which is already behind the development of Unpaywall . During the thematic consultation hours, OpenAlex was presented and discussed as a tool for bibliometric analyses. This blog post presents the most important functions of the database, which only appeared on the market in 2022, and highlights reasons for using OpenAlex and possible limitations. An application example for practical work with the service is also given...."


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