Open Climate Data Recommendations and CC Licensing 101

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"Celebrate the end of Open Education Week 2024 with Creative Commons! In this webinar, we invite you to learn more about our recently released Recommended Best Practices for Better Sharing of Climate Data ( and the CC licenses and tools that support best practices. Afterwards, there will be time for interactive Q&A about open science, open data, and the CC licenses and legal tools.

Our recommendations are a result of collaboration between Creative Commons, government agencies, and intergovernmental organizations including ECMWF, NASA, NOAA, and the World Resources Institute. They mark a significant milestone in our ongoing effort to enhance the accessibility, sharing, and reuse of open climate data to address the climate crisis. Our goal is to share strategies that align with existing data sharing principles and pave the way for a more interconnected and accessible future for climate data. These recommendations also align with the strategies and outcomes of the Open Climate Campaign (, a partnership between Creative Commons, SPARC, and EIFL...."


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