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"For us as librarians, open scholarship and the movement towards sustainable and accessible research has an impact on how we think about our collection strategies. With a knowledge equity mindset, we want to ensure that our collection dollars have the greatest impact possible. Simply put, if we are going to spend funds on monographs, we want to maximize our spending’s global impact and equity through OA.

These are discussions that we have had on our campuses and among our colleagues for quite some time when thinking about journals. Like many others, we are turning our focus to monographs, and how we can work collaboratively with others, especially our publisher partners, to ensure movement toward making monographs OA and available globally. We want to invest in a positive future and make our dollars count for the greater good. As we continue to be limited to purchasing monographs in a traditional way, we ask the question, what if our dollars spent could ensure that the monographs we purchase could be read by all?"



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