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"Research on Research (RoR) is the study of research practice. Also referred as meta-research or science of science, RoR is aimed at generating evidence to drive development and improvement of research that ensure efficiencies, transparency and impact.

One of the greatest challenges in the research on research community  is keeping track of ongoing projects and unearthing and collating existing evidence. It is difficult to find information on projects (e.g., pilots, research, evaluations or evidence synthesis) undertaken by funding organisations, higher education institutions, or independent researchers and research managers that aim to improve research practices, as they are as varied as changes to peer review, studies on decision-making of funding committees, or addressing bias in clinical trials. The poor visibility of this body of work results in both duplication of effort and raises challenges to track its impact. The Research on Research (RoR) Registry and hub was developed to try and address some of these issues. By making it easier to both find and announce (through registration) research and evaluation evidence, and highlighting new initiatives, we are contributing to the increased knowledge, use, and implementation of research on research evidence, avoiding duplication, and supporting collaboration...."


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