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From Google's English: "In the U.S., is the free access to research results, at least in the reality of biomedical literature. Since 2008 requires the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that all scientific work, which was promoted by this institution, no later than after half a year over the house archive "PubMed Central" freely accessible. This achievement will on 16 December 2011 entered the U.S. Congress bill, "Research Works Act" undo. She wants to prohibit the granting of public funds is subject to the condition that research results are published in open access platforms. The bill was supported by Congressman Darrell Issa and Carolyn Maloney filed on the grounds that the condition NIH scientific publishers are no longer viable. As now known, was the election of Maloney through donations from the scientific publisher Elsevier has been supported. Almost at the same time, on 19 December 2011, the Elsevier Science Publishers, Thieme and Springer filed a complaint with the Zurich Commercial Court, with which the ETH library shall be prohibited to carry on their document delivery service in its current form. Using this service, customers can request the ETH-Bibliothek the electronic submission of articles from scientific journals. The copies shall be used only for internal use and will not be passed. In addition, paid the ETH-Bibliothek of the collecting society ProLitteris an annual fee. The plaintiff publishers want to ban this service on the grounds that they offer this online article itself, but usually for about 30 € per article, a multiple of what does the reference by the ETH-Bibliothek. By its action to the scientific publishing under a scheme run by the Swiss Copyright Act, which allows copying excerpts from journals explicitly. This regulation is compared about the situation in Germany, where such copies are prohibited, a clear advantage for the research in Switzerland...."



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