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Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


"We have just finished 3 hectic days of “sprint” (design, coding, documentation, testing, deployment) on the JISC/OKF Openbiblio2 project in Cambridge. This is an Open international project, with major input from Jim Pitman in Berkeley, and offered to anyone interested in collaborating and benefitting....The overall concept is “BibSoup” – a novel approach (some would call it Web 3.0) based on complete Openness of code, content and most importantly attitude. It’s based on meritocracy rather than central control. YOU control your own bibliography – a pot of BibSoup. It can be as perfect or imperfect as you like – BibSoup doesn’t mind. You don’t have to have all the information for a book (other people do that). You don’t have to have the author’s full name. If you don’t understand the difference between works, manifestations and expressions don’t worry. The basis of BibSoup is that you build your own bibliography for your own purposes using the BibSoup technology and software. You don’t have to understand it – it’s easy to use. It consists of a server (Bibserver) which is easy to clone and deploy to hold your data.... We are NOT compiling the one true bibliographic collection and competing with Open Library, Mendeley, Microsoft Academic Search, Google Scholar, Symplectic and other semi-open/Free collections of bibliography. We are NOT competing with Zotero as a reference manager. We, and our adopters, will these as valuable sources of bibliographic input. We ARE praising the virtues of completely open bibliographic collections such as the British National Bibliography...."


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