The Open Access Policy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

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Undated but apparently new: "To some extent, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has been following an open access policy for years. Publically available are, for example, select photo archives, lexicons, various working paper series, certain journals and books, as well as chapters or other sections of books published by the ÖAW Press as well as the Academy’s individual research units. In addition, the ÖAW has set up EPUB.OEAW, a publications repository. In the future, digital versions of ÖAW research output will be made publically accessible as quickly as possible, unless prevented for economic or legal reasons. The form of the publication, its location and means of access will be chosen by the individual researcher. Research fellows at the ÖAW are recommended, subject to legal exclusions, to self-archive their work specific to subject following the so-called green road strategy. It is recommended that they do this as quickly as possible. This means: ÖAW authors retain the right to deposit a digital copy of their work in a repository that is publically available. To provide their scholarly community free access to their research output, ÖAW research fellows can use the institutional repository EPUB.OEAW, which is freely accessible via the internet, or a server specific to their discipline. The ÖAW has made the EPUB.OEAW infrastructure available. It guarantees – based on international standards – the storage of data and research output for at least ten years, and complies to quality security for the data by means of Crossref, CLOCKSS, Portico, ÖNB and ISO."


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