Open Access Week Profile 2: Authors Who Self-Archive

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"I recently undertook a little study to investigate the extent to which authors of Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) articles have archived versions of their manuscripts. I discovered only one out of 119 articles: Jenni Millbank and Laurie Berg of the University of Technology, Sydney deposited a pre-print of their JRS article in SSRN, the social science subject repository....So why do some authors self-archive when so many others don't? I decided to ask Prof. Millbank for her views. She has kindly given me permission to reproduce her responses to my questions:...[Q:] Do you have any advice for other authors who have not yet taken the step to self-archive? [A:] - Absolutely - do it, as a researcher the critical thing is to get information out there and be part of the trans-national conversations in your area of expertise...."


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