Krav om Open Access på eliteuniversiteter?

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From Google's English: 20 - 21 January was a meeting of IARU (International Alliance of Research Universities). This alliance consists of 10 universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley, Yale and Copenhagen. At the meeting were discussed, whether to introduce a common Open Access policy at all universities. The conclusion was that they choose to invite - but not require - that scientists use institutional or professional open archives (repositories) to their publications - also called Green Open Access. The reason that you do not choose to make a joint call for Green Open Access is that the introduction of such a requirement is too complex to implement at the various institutions, as it is not on the same stage of development all together. All IARU universities have such an institutional repository - except the University of Copenhagen....[Denmark's] Open Access Committee...recently...recommended...OA mandates at the national level, in universities and research funds. It must be expected that the Danish universities follow the recommendations. Today held an open meeting at the Niels Bohr Institute for Open Access, also focusing on particular Open access mandates, where there will be representatives from all stakeholders, including foundations, universities and publishers.



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