Denmark at an Open Access crossroads - mandate or a peoples’ movement?

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Copenhagen September 3 2010: Open access (OA) means making peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journal articles accessible for free online to all of their potential users rather than -- as now -- only to those users whose universities can afford subscription access to the journal in which they are published. OA has been shown to increase research usage and impact metrics substantially, in every field. There are two ways to provide OA: The author self-archives a copy of the final draft in his institution's OA repository ("Green OA") or the author publishes the article in a journal that makes the article OA ("Gold OA"). Gold OA depends on publishers and costs extra money per article; Green OA depends only on researchers, their institutions and their funders, requires no extra payment, it can be mandated, and universities and research funders the world over have already begun to mandate Green OA self-archiving, including among the early adopters Harvard, MIT and Stanford plus the National Institutes of Health in the US, Edinburgh, University College London and Southampton plus all the RCUK councils in the UK, the EC and ERC councils in Europe, and, in Scandinavia: both the Swedish and Norwegian Research Councils, the universities of Bergen, Blekinge and Chalmers plus all the Finnish Universities -- but in Denmark so far only the Copenhagen Business School! OA is optimal and inevitable, but there is a competitive advantage in being among the first to mandate OA, rather than the last. The Houghton Report has also shown that the benefit to cost ratio of mandating Green OA is 40/1. My talk will be about how universities and funders can mandate Green OA, why and how.



10/18/2010, 05:30

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