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From the final report (p. 23): "Many reports have pointed to more widespread awareness (if not necessarily deeper understanding) among researchers’ of open access, particularly in some areas in the biological and physical sciences. There is some pressure on researchers from funders and from universities to make use of open access repositories, and previous surveys have indicated that a majority of researchers are prepared to respond to positively to such pressures. But uptake of open access options – either through publication in open access journals or through deposit of articles in open access repositories – has been slower than many would have hoped. Our survey shows that over 60% of researchers believe that open access repositories are either ‘not important’ or ‘not applicable’ to the dissemination of their research....There are, however, significant disciplinary differences: 52% of physical sciences and mathematics researchers say open access repositories are ‘important’ or ‘very important’; whereas only 25% of humanities researchers say the same." (p. 42:) "For those who do use open access repositories, it is notable that the key influences are the desire to reach key audiences speedily: funder requirements have relatively little influence." *** UPDATE (9/28/09). The original link is already dead (!). The report can be found at this new URL, .



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