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In German but with this English abstract: "This thesis aims to present the concepts open access and open peer review. Their contribution to scholarly communication and quality assurance is explained and a broad overview on application and business models is given. In the whole illustration is emphasized on the relevance to European Psychology. "Open access wants to assure the free and unrestricted online availability of scholarly literature. Open peer review proofs professional quality by disclosing and expanding the traditional peer review. In dependence of the scholarly discipline and the economic situation of countries, these paradigms developed differently. In Psychology, both approaches are underrepresented. Part of this thesis is an online survey among European Psychologists. The results document a large interest in open access and expanded publication possibilities on a European level. These findings give ground for the start of a European initiative at the Institute for Psychology information (ZPID). The aim of this initiative is to build the European Psychology Publication Platform (EPPP), a European publication platform for Psychology. "Within this venture, a group of European scholars started to discuss requirements for such a platform. The today results are documented: A broad focus of content is needed. Access should be free and without any author charges. Peer review is demanded for quality assurance and it is plant to expand peer review with open peer review elements. Papers in every European language will be accepted, but translations in English are required for titles and abstracts. "The next steps towards realization of this infrastructure will follow. Everybody is invited to join the project."



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