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Klausgraf's bookmarks 2012-10-14


[OpenEdition is the umbrella portal for, Hypotheses and Calenda, three platforms dedicated to electronic resources in the humanities and social sciences. If you wish your university to subscribe to this service and give you access to articles in downloadable formats (PDF, ePub), please visit OpenEdition Freemiumpresentation page.] Use the link to access the full text of the statement opening as follows: "It is our firm belief that Open Access to academic research results represents a huge progress for society as a whole. Open Access is a highly effective and fair system as it facilitates access to research results for both researchers and lay people the world over. The direct benefits for academic progress, knowledge and society are plain to see. In the humanities and social sciences, comprising a range of disciplines which contribute to our understanding of the complex societies in which we live, Open Access to research results is also essential, for the development of our societies and for the cultural enhancement of all. Open Access also encourages the influence of research beyond national and disciplinary boundaries. Finally, as most research is funded by public money, it is necessary that this collective investment can be made public as quickly and as efficiently as possible..."


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