Ohio man’s pacemaker data may betray him in arson, insurance fraud case

Ars Technica » Scientific Method 2017-02-09

(credit: Ada Be)

Betraying your heart in a relationship may be a worthwhile gamble. In insurance fraud cases, not so much.

A Middletown, Ohio man was indicted on arson and insurance fraud charges after police reviewed data collected from his pacemaker, as well as other evidence. On Tuesday, the man, Ross Compton, pleaded not guilty to setting his home on fire on September 19.

According to the Associated Press, Compton told police that upon seeing that a fire had broken out in his house, he hurriedly packed some items in a suitcase and bags, busted a window with his walking cane, tossed the stuff out the window, rushed out of the house, and carried all the stuff to his car. He also mentioned to the cops that he had an artificial heart.

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