Anti-vaxxers celebrate victory in NJ as pro-vaccine bill falls apart

Ars Technica » Scientific Method 2020-01-14

Anti-vaccine protesters outside the NJ State House.

Enlarge / Anti-vaccine protesters outside the NJ State House. (credit: Twitter | politics)

Amid raucous protest from hundreds of anti-vaccination advocates, state lawmakers in New Jersey have abandoned legislation to ban vaccination exemptions based on religious beliefs.

The bill, S2173, collapsed in the state Senate Monday as lawmakers realized it was a single vote shy of passage, according to The New York Times. The defeat came after a last-ditch effort to amend the beleaguered legislation, which ultimately generated new opposition.

S2173 would have prohibited parents from using religious beliefs as an excuse to get out of providing standard, life-saving immunizations for their children. Instead, only children with medical conditions that preclude a child from being vaccinated—as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—would be granted an exemption.

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