American Scientist Open Access Forum Has Migrated to GOAL (Global Open Access List)

Amsciforum 2013-03-10


The straw poll on whether or not to continue the American Scientist Open Access (AmSci) Forum (and if so, who should be the new moderator) is complete (the full results are reproduced at the end of this message). The vote is for (1) continuing the Forum, under (2) the moderatorship of Richard Poynder. The AmSci list has now been migrating to where the BOAI list is also being hosted. AmSci Forum members need not re-subscribe. All subscriptions have been automatically transferred to the new host site. The name of the list has been changed to the Global Open Access List (GOAL) to reflect the fact that Open Access is no longer just an American or a Scientific matter. It has become a global movement. The old AmSci Forum Archives (1998-2011) will stay up at the Sigma Xi site (indefinitely, I hope -- though we do have copies of the entire archive). The new GOAL archive is at:


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