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Amsciforum 2013-10-11


Björn Brembs (as interviewed by Richard Poynder) is not satisfied with "read access" (free online access: Gratis OA): he wants "read/write access" (free online access plus re-use rights: Libre OA). The problem is that we are nowhere near having even the read-access that Björn is not satisfied with. So his dissatisfaction is not only with something we do not yet have, but with something that is also an essential component and prerequsite for read/write access. Björn wants more, now, when we don't even have less. And alas Björn does not give even a hint of a hint of a practical plan for getting read/write access instead of "just" the read access we don't yet have. All he proposes is that a consortium of rich universities should cancel journals and take over.



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