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For those of you who claim that copyright inspires no creativity whatsoever, perhaps you have not seen the following video, PandoHouse Rock: Copyright, explained, a collaboration between PandoDaily and Explainer Music's David Holmes: I usually find these sorts of things to be pretty bad. Copyright isn't something that you can usually simplify down to a song, but this one actually does a pretty good job of making the key point: which is that copyright is a crazy mess and widely abusable and abused. There are a few minor points I might quibble with (it's not clear that "It's A Wonderful Life" is really in the public domain for example), but on the whole it's one of the better such videos we've seen. Oh yeah, also, Holmes has put the video itself into the public domain, which is something we do with Techdirt content as well, but which very few other people do. Nicely done. So, yes, copyright may have inspired this song... to be put into the public domain. Permalink | Comments | Email This Story


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