PRX Ponders the Mighty Mice

Current Berkman People and Projects 2013-03-27

Suggestions for this week’s Supreme Court goings-on, plus picks for the many DNA historical milestones in April.

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PRX Ponders the Mighty Mice

Hi friend of PRX,

Black holes — tiny, invisible — can eat stars whole. Cyprus, with as many people as San Jose, threatens global financial collapse. Small and crazy North Korea hints at worldwide nuclear Armageddon.

PRX — tiny staff, no coffee machine — sent out over 20,000 radio stories to stations and networks last year. Public Radio Remix is on pace to showcase more indie radio works than ever. And our many specials carry heft.

Small wonders, John

Rainbow Radio

Science and Ethics

  • Would you want to know what your DNA says about your future? In Mapping Eliza, we join one woman as she gets her genome sequenced.

Timely for April: 60th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA; 10th anniversary of mapping of the human genome; and DNA Day is April 25.

  • Philosophy Talk asks: What real ethical problems are presented by human genomics?
  • Human scientific test subjects need protection, too. Washington University law professor Rebecca Dresser shares her thoughts.

Play It

Music series

  • The Latin Alternative from WMHT: One-hour weekly show on Latin rock, funk, hip-hop, and electronic music.
  • Strange Currency from Wichita Public Radio ranges from the early sounds of Frank Zappa to emerging artists such as Django Django.
  • Texas Music Matters from KUT delivers a mix of news, profiles, and tunes from deep in the heart of the Lonestar State.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day: April 8

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