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A platform for researchers, officials, and executives with strategic, policy, business or technology responsibilities to share, shape, and develop insights into AI from an ethics and governance perspective.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms the way we live and work, shaping our ability to understand and maximize the social and economic opportunities enabled by technology on a global scale.


Artificial Intelligence has evolved from an academic research project to a force that is shaping and transforming industries, societies, and the lives of individuals with unprecedented opportunities for development and growth. But the speed of AI development and the uncertainty that accompanies its uses also provoke questions related to fundamental values such as autonomy, agency, and accountability. In parallel, the knowledge gap between the small group of AI experts and the large population affected by these “black box” technologies is widening and creating misconceptions regarding AI that might hinder its adoption


The Berkman Klein Center, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab and other collaborators, is bringing together a global community to provide leadership, define the agenda, and drive change in emerging areas of AI ethics and governance research and practice. The research agenda is updated and shared regularly and includes themes from related initiatives, projects, etc.

As part of the larger initiative, the Global AI Dialogue Series is a platform for researchers, officials, and executives with strategic, policy, business or technology responsibilities to share, shape, and develop insights into AI from an ethics and governance perspective. Designed as a global, open, inclusive, and evidence-based dialogue aimed at identifying opportunities as well as challenges related to AI that need to be addressed from an international perspective, the Series seeks to inform decision-makers about the rapidly evolving global AI agenda and bolster the use of AI for the societal good. In parallel, the Series builds an institutional knowledge base, fostering human capacity, and strengthening interfaces with industry and policy-makers at an international scale.


Leveraging insights from dealing with disruptive technologies, the Global AI Dialogue Series will identify core issues that need to be addressed from a global perspective in order to harness the full benefits of AI while also addressing its challenges. It will explore the suitability of ethics and governance models from the Internet realm and other areas when applied to AI. The knowledge created through a series of working meetings in Asia, Europe, and the US and relevant research input by Berkman Klein will result in a roadmap that informs decision- makers in the private and public sectors, and promotes the use of AI technology for the social good on a global scale.

Initial questions for exploration in the working meetings include:

  • Given the cross-border impact of AI and related technologies, what are the key challenges and opportunities from an ethical and governance perspective?

  • What issues should be addressed transnationally, which one need to be prioritized?

  • What are appropriate and workable governance mechanisms that can operate at a global scale?

The vision is based on three pillars:

Shaping the Agenda: The Global AI Dialogue Series is a key in providing input and accessing the insights generated by our activities. The members will recommend areas to be explored, case studies to be conducted, new pilot projects to be ignited, etc

Research and Insight: The members will help shaping the research agenda into social, economic and technological issues that are transforming the AI landscape, and will develop a deeper understanding of how AI is influencing their sectors.

Interaction and Impact: Identifying relevant global and regional issues through meetings with government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations. Engaging with renowned experts enables personal and organizational learning, drives the impact and stimulates change at the global, regional and industry levels.


The community continues to shape the activities essential to the long- term health and stability of AI enabled economies and societies. In this context, the initial priority areas to be address include the following:

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