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"I know I really shouldn’t peruse too often. It’s bad for my blood pressure, and, like many old farts on the wrong side of 50, I do have a touch of the ol’ hypertension. Reading Mike Adams’ blather risks raising that blood pressure either through causing me to laugh uproariously at the sheer idiocy of what he writes or by making me angry at just how despicable he can be at times. Still, I looked, and I saw something I almost wish I hadn’t seen. However, that something that I saw illustrates a point about the dark side of open access journals; so I thought it was worth discussing today. After all, Ben Swann’s long promised report on the “CDC whistleblower” isn’t due out until tomorrow, and I needed some hilarious crankitude to fill my blogging time until tomorrow night’s festivities, which should be amusing indeed. (Yes, I’m directly comparing Swann to Adams.)"


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