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shauna.peterson 2014-04-26


"OCWC 2014 will feature the official launch of OpeningupSlovenia, a national research and innovation environment for Open Education.

The Idea

  • Follow as closely as possible and go beyond the European Commission’s communication on “Opening Education”
  • Bottom-up created and top-down supported new and innovative initiative
  • Create a unique nationwide research environment in open education.
  • Coalition of all Slovenian universities, compulsory and vocational education institutions with technical, research and industry partners.
  • Explore means for a fully-fledged open educational system in synergy and parallel with the formal one, develop innovative projects and apply for European Commission funds related to ICT and new aspects of open education.
  • Involves 12 participants from industry, academia, research, education and government
  • Support by 40 institutions and entities from 18 countries in the South-Eastern Europe region and outside the European Union.'
  • Slovenia wishes to tackle the issues identified in the staff working document such as (1) Teaching and learning environments (2) Digital contents (3) ICT infrastructure and equipment, and adding new ones such as (4) Business models and market placement (5) Emerging new organisational forms, (6) Intelligent technologies and Smart environments (7) Open innovation in a systemic approach.


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