14 Secrets From The Set Of "Faking It"

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Watch the exclusive Season 2 trailer, then find out what the cast and showrunner had to say about what’s coming up for Karma and Amy. WARNING: Minor Season 2 spoilers ahead!

Season 1 of MTV's Faking It ended with — well, a bang. After Amy (Rita Volk) revealed her romantic feelings for Karma (Katie Stevens) and got rejected, she fell into bed with Karma's sort-of boyfriend Liam (Gregg Sulkin), who had just learned that Karma and Amy were only pretending to be in a lesbian relationship.

Yes, it's complicated. And it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Last month, BuzzFeed News visited the set of Faking It to talk to showrunner Carter Covington and the cast about what's to come in Season 2, which premieres on Sept. 23.


Check out the exclusive Faking It Season 2 trailer, then read on for some teases about Amy and Liam's big secret, the truth behind Lauren's (Bailey De Young) pill-popping, and some very special guest appearances.

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Yes, that finale was upsetting, but sticking with Faking It will pay off.

Yes, that finale was upsetting, but sticking with Faking It will pay off.

As showrunner Carter Covington predicted to BuzzFeed News at the end of the MTV series' debut season, fans were distraught over Faking It's explosive Season 1 finale — particularly Karmasexual Amy doing the deed with Liam. But take a deep breath. That was the plan all along. "It reinforced that people care about the characters, and so my takeaway from it was, We’re doing a good job because people care about these people a lot and they’re very invested in the plotline," Covington said. Hopefully you didn't angrily vow to never watch the show again. And if you did, perhaps you're willing to reconsider. "I know where I want to take this story," Covington continued. "I know what stories I want to tell so I feel very confident that fans are gonna enjoy this season, and that the ones that were upset by the finale will have a lot to love in these 10 episodes."

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Get ready for some big-name guest stars, including Fifth Harmony.

Get ready for some big-name guest stars, including Fifth Harmony.

Before we get into the plot of Season 2, let's talk about the fresh faces coming to Faking It. BuzzFeed News has learned exclusively that Fifth Harmony will be making an appearance as "an all-girl band with an edge who cover pop music’s most memorable boy band songs," per MTV. Also, as previously announced, Orange Is the New Black breakout star and Emmy nominee Laverne Cox will be guest starring as a very intense drama teacher.

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