A Definitive And Important Ranking Of People From Yorkshire

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This is it. The big one.

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Notes: This list could have been far longer because as anyone from Yorkshire knows, anyone from Yorkshire is better than anyone else in the country. We settled on 40. These rankings have been scientifically tested* and are incontrovertible. They're not wrong: you are.

40. Mel B. She's actually pretty great on the X Factor and there was also that time she made out with herself in a music video.

39. William Hague. Recently somewhat overplayed. Though he is that weird thing of a Conservative politician that most people like. Even after this horrorshow.

38. Branwell Bronte. A man so stubborn he chose to die standing up just to show the power of human will.

37. Captain James Cook. A man who changed the very way we look at the world.

36. Tom Courtenay. A master. Canal boat fans would find it well worth watching him and Leonard Rossiter in in this.

35. Paul Heaton. Currently running a pub and offering a discount to union members.


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