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"We believe time is ripe for a functional, distributed, encrypted ledger to gain pivotal importance collectively organizing and fostering the advancement of existing and future scientific knowledge.

To this end, at we propose building Aiur - a Knowledge Validation Engine. Unlike other projects to create exchange-inspired architectures where promoters sit on top [Dinkins 2017], we regard ourselves as an agent of a rich, horizontal, budding ecosystem fighting to democratize science, against many threats. Here we present a technology platform and governance structure leveraging the blockchain for both AI-contributor and AI-user flows, transparently, accountably and in scale. The AIUR tokens introduced in this white paper will run on top of the Ethereum platform in two distinct project stages. Through an initial token sale we target raising c. EUR 10,000,000 to build a fully decentralized, community-governed Knowledge Validation Engine, in line with’s mission and long term roadmap towards building the world’s leading machine-driven science assistant."


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