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lkfitz's bookmarks 2018-06-26


"Building on the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and on the progress that has been achieved so far, OpenAIRE is pursuing the large-scale implementation of free online access to, and largely unrestricted use and re-use of scholarly research articles. OpenAIRE is an EC-funded initiative which aims to support the Open Access policy of the European Commission via a technical infrastructure. Open Access is a key tool for promoting scientific research, improving the quality of research and the free dissemination of knowledge in society. Even though Open Access is now a shared vision of the world's academic communities, research institutions and funding bodies, nearly 85% of the world's scholarly outputs are still locked behind paywalls, inhibiting the full impact of scientific research and miring the dissemination of scholarly outputs in an obsolete and dysfunctional system."


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