Why We Need Data to Excite and Inspire Now More Than Ever

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"Dr. Metzenbaum acknowledged that some federal agencies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are taking big steps to leverage open data, but cautioned that 'data is just digits, unless people use the information.' She offered five ways that data can positively change the government.

  1. Prioritize: Accessible data enables government workers and the public to detect problems and set priorities.
  2. Learn: When the vast expanse of government data is organized in a standard searchable format program, staff can then search for efficiencies and inefficiencies and learn from past actions.
  3. Improve: Once a benchmark has been established through data collection, program directors can explore and experiment with variables to find new methods for improvement. Federal grantmakers and grantees benefit by using data insights to invest in services that deliver the most good.
  4. Motivate: When program performance is clearly measured, data has the ability to motivate government workers for continuous progress.
  5. Engage: Data has the power to engage disparate stakeholders and inform individual and organizational choices."



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