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From Google Translate: "The ministry explain to us what good will the investment in digital skills to innovate the school and introduce students to the world of work. It is not just a matter of skills, a new consciousness to be generated. that's how

The numbers on the need for digital skills are widely known in the public debate.  On two aspects, in particular, we must pay the utmost attention.

 The first is an Italian issue, linked to structural and cultural conditions of the country.  The general shortage of basic digital skills ( especially in the adult population ) is the daughter of the structural gap that Italy brings with it for years and that the efforts of recent governments, while in the right direction, have not been able to fill. There he abruptly recalled the European Commission with the publication of DESI 2017 just a few days ago.

 The second is a global problem, and about the increasing ga p in advanced digital skills who are experiencing all the mature economies : witnessed by one estimate, among many, of 1 million jobs digital uncovered in Europe by 2020, and daily reminder of businesses that are struggling to find the professional profiles that would serve. The mismatch between demand and supply of labor, also at the basis of youth unemployment is structural issue of our time.


Proclamation, and envy us abroad: an investment in Open Educational Resources (OER) on the one hand, and in highly innovative and scalable educational format on the other, to accompany the teachers in the challenge of bringing new content in the classroom and allow them to remain at the heart of the educational process, as facilitators of knowledge.

And to reach students with engaging and modern paths that transform teaching approaching doing and learning , giving concrete objectives and to increase the school curriculum, creating value for the community.


As in A OpenCoesione School , a project involving 200 schools in civic monitoring projects, data journalism and digital storytelling, which allowed you to monitor more than 1 billion euros of public funds since the open data on projects financed by the cohesion policies . And so as demonstrated by some of the most interesting cases of educational startups in the world .

This is why we consider our investment in digital skills not only as a vertical action, but laid across all the 10 shares on the skills of the students of these months. The Entrepreneurship education, global citizenship and the enhancement of cultural heritage, but also the basic skills such as mathematics, science and Italian, contain reinforcers for a tie - unavoidable - with digital skills."



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