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From Google Translate: "Elsevier Publisher tries to open access publishing as unattractive as possible. Writes ScienceGuide that the contract between Elsevier and Dutch universities holds.

Proponents of open access pursuit of the ideal of scientific articles - made possible by tax money - should be freely available to everyone. Secretary Sander Dekker (Education, Culture and Science) and the Dutch universities hope that in 2018 30% of the scientific articles are open access. 2015 was an agreement reached between the Dutch universities and Elsevier.


But the contract with publisher Elsevier, by ScienceGuide fished with WOB requests appear to sit many snags. Thus, open access can publish only a fraction of the titles that Elsevier publishes, and are the leading titles that spring dance. In addition, Elsevier performs a price increase of, respectively, 2.5 and 2.0 percent in 2017 and 2018. Science Guide writes that 'Elsevier has managed the deal to make so unattractive that the open access 'experiment' seems doomed to failure.'


Under the agreement between Elsevier and the university may be published in three years 3,600 items. It only runs no storm among scientists to publish open access to Elsevier. According to figures from openaccess.nl that Dutch scientists published in 2016 only 382 open access articles. It therefore remains to be seen whether the limit of 3,600 items is tapped the end of 2018."



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